Studenți și absolvenți

Internships and experience

For students of secondary schools, colleges and universities we offer the possibility of completing internships and gaining experience. The content and length of the internship is subject to agreement between the candidates and the company’ ELKO EP’. We prefer students of electrical and electronic industries with a focus on long-term cooperation. Skilled and active students have the opportunity to contribute to real business operations and test their theoretical knowledge in practice. Group practices are carried out by individually cooperating directly with a representative of the school.

What we offer:

Experience and internships can be realized in the form of paid co-operation. For applicants from distant locations we can provide accommodation on the premises of the company.

If you are interested in completing work experience or internships in ELKO EP, Ltd. send us your brief application with CV to the address​.

Temporary Employment

We offer students short and long term temporary jobs. Job opportunities are opening up all year round across all departments and also take the form of external cooperation in tackling various projects.

If you are interested in establishing cooperation, send us your brief application with CV to the address​.

Bachelor's and Master's Thesis

We offer cooperation in the production of your thesis. We prefer thesis with links to a practical solution to the problems of traffic infrastructure or product development.

Topics offered (updated for the period 2016/2017) can be found here.

If your topic is not one from the offered topics, but you are interested in consulting with regards to your own topic, send us your brief application with CV to the address​.

Partner Schools

We already strive to be an active partner during the training process, not only through promotional activities, but also through cooperation on joint projects. Our partner schools provide field trips and training at Elko EP.

It is also possible to arrange lectures in the school premises and at selected public events.

This allows students to gain both long-term and short-term operational experience. During the school year, students have the option to gain expertise. Schools also provided with selected instruments which we lend long-term. 

ELKO EP, Ltd. cooperates with the following schools:

Střední škola – Centrum odborné přípravy technické Kroměříž,
Nábělkova 539/3 76701 Kroměříž

Obchodní akademie,
Obvodová 3503 767 11 Kroměříž

Střední průmyslová škola,
tř. T. Bati 1266, 765 02 Otrokovice

Střední průmyslová škola a Obchodní akademie
Nivnická 1781, 68801 Uherský Brod

Offer for students

We offer the opportunity for you to work on:

  • Bachelor thesis
  • Dissertation
  • Coursework

We offer the possibility to realize with us:

  • Placement
  • Experience
  • Exchanges



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