Pricelist ELKO EP Laboratory

Pricelist ELKO EP Laboratory

Offer pre-certification internal measurements
ELKO EP lab.


ELKO EP has for more than 15 years had its own testing laboratory. During this time we have gained laboratory experience with the implementation of development tests and tests to assess the conformity of not only ELKO EP products, but many other electrical devices used in industrial processes and households.

In 2016, the laboratory underwent major renovations in order to expand the portfolio of tests and increase the operational capacity. For these reasons, the new ELKO EP laboratory offers the ability to perform pre-certification tests for external customers and partners.

Laboratory allows testing of electromagnetic compatibility, electrical safety testing and specific functional tests.

The laboratory has a quality management system according to ISO 9001, plus this year we are introducing a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 and the process to pass the accreditation process is planned as well.

The laboratory from the very beginning had to be able to keep up with the requirements of dynamically developing of ELKO EP and the conditions of Czech and international market, so we take for granted the maximum transparency and flexibility in our approach to customer needs.


We perform selected tests according to the standards:

ČSN EN 61000-3-2,3 ČSN EN 61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,11,20
ČSN EN 61000-6-1,2,3,4 ČSN EN 55011, 55014, 55015, 55022, 55024, 55032
ČSN EN 300 220 ČSN EN 301 489
FCC 47 CRR Part 15 Subpart B, C ČSN EN 60730
ČSN EN 50491 ČSN EN 61812
ČSN EN 60255 ČSN EN 61010
ČSN EN 60950 ČSN EN 60664
ČSN EN 61204

Climatic tests -40 to 180 ° C, 10-98% RH
Measurement of Nonelectric Quantities (air and material surface, light intensity, acoustic noise, humidity ...)

The thermostat test room

A special room designed to test the behaviour of thermostats is equipped with five heating systems, air conditioning, windows and three different mounting walls of the most frequently occurring materials (Porotherm, Ytong gas silicate, gypsum with blown-in insulation). The room is insulated from the rest of the building and is equipped with a standard living room.
The main purpose is to trace the development of measurement errors of thermostats located in different materials.


Errors in practice are a combination of:

  • Thermal inertia wall material (different hysteresis curve)
  • Air convection within the room depending on the heating system and in close proximity to the wall surface (the structure of the measuring part and the placement / mounting of the thermostat)
  • Ability to absorb material of the wall type and drain parasitic heat itself, thermostat (power loss internal circuits, switched load current, etc ...)

The test results in this room were used for development of HW thermostat, specification of assembly, measurement SW and its offsets.

Price list
Cost of EMC tests For the first hour CZK 1,300. Subsequently CZK 650/30 min
Cost of the operation on the climate chamber 200 CZK / hour climatic chamber with supporting equipment
(Power supplies, etc...)
Cost of LVD and other tests  For the first hour CZK 1100. Subsequently CZK 550/30 min
Protocol in a single language version CZK 1500 (EN or EN).
Prices per commenced time interval are without VAT.

In selected cases, performance may be limited by size or weight of the equipment under test.
In case of interest or questions please contact us for further information.


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